AI Journal Club Part Two

Mandatory: No

Date & Time: Thursday, Nov 14 2019 - 7:30 pm
Host: AI Journal Club

In the world of big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the formative tool empowering us to transform the landscape of our society through data-driven models. AI and big data are infiltrating all sectors of personal, public and professional life, bringing new insights to a wide spectrum of disciplines. To explore this further we introduce the “AI Journal Club”. The goal of the AI journal club is to introduce students to the vast interdisciplinary applications of AI and open up a critical conversation on the data-based decision making in these socio-technical systems. The club would organise biweekly discussions on a chosen AI paper - some with guest speakers. Each week’s paper will revolve around a central theme, examples include; medicine, education, and robotics. These discussions are open for students of all backgrounds and expertise.

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