Important Websites

Each of the services listed below is important to get familiar with in preparing for your life at Penn. Many of these tasks can be completed online at Campus Express before you arrive or can be taken care of on campus before classes start. Read through the last below to learn more about the essentials for Penn life.


Campus Express Online Services

Campus Express Online is your one-stop shop for many essential student services at Penn. You can apply for your identification card, see your room layout, purchase a new computer, buy your textbooks, register your property, sign up for a dining plan or learn about transportation options. So skip the lines and use Campus Express to get a jump on your new life at Penn!

Penn InTouch

Penn InTouch provides a space to register for classes, access academic records, view bills and financial aid information, and links to student loans and employment opportunities.


The PennPortal provides relevant links that students use daily, from accessing webmail to registering for courses through Penn InTouch, viewing Penn's events calendar to catching up on the latest news and weather. It is also customizable.


The PennCard is the required University photo identification card. After you submit a photo and apply for your PennCard through Campus Express Online, bring another form of photo ID and pick up your pre-made PennCard at the Campus Express Center. The card also provides access to PennCash, a pre-paid debit feature available on your PennCard which reduces the need to carry cash on campus. Just swipe and go. You can use PennCash for University facilities, services, events, meals and more.

Residential Services

Where are you living this year? What will your room layout look like and who are your roommates? All of these questions can be answered under the "My Housing" section on Campus Express Online. You can also confirm/cancel your housing assignment.

Campus Dining Services

Incoming first-year and transfer students are required to have a dining plan their first year. Dining plan selections can be made and changed under the “My Dining” section. For more information on dining locations, menu variety and Dining Dollar$, and our views on eating sustainably, see the Dining page or the “My Dining” section on Campus Express Online.

Transit Services

Get information on the transportation services available at Penn, such as Penn Buses, Shuttle Services, car sharing, Walking Escort Services, Loop Through University City (LUCY), SEPTA, NJ Transit, Amtrak and the Drexel University bus system. You can also order your discounted student PennPass (Penn's discounted SEPTA pass for bus and regional rail travel). Permit parking is available to those students who wish to have a vehicle on campus. Visit the “My Transportation” section on Campus Express Online for more information.

Protecting Your Property

Safety is a shared responsibility. Use the “My Property” section of Campus Express Online to register a piece of property with Penn Police as well as purchase renter’s insurance to protect your property in the event of loss or damage. You can also buy a bike or laptop lock to keep your goods as safe as possible. For more information on safety, please see the Health & Safety page.


Textbooks are an essential part of being successful during your time here at Penn. Use the “My Textbooks” section of Campus Express Online to find out more about the Penn Bookstore, and the options available for purchasing or renting new or used textbooks as well as digital e-textbooks. Pre-order your textbooks once you have signed up for your classes.

Banking Options

Use this section to take advantage of Penn's long-standing relationship with both PNC and the Student Federal Credit Union (SFCU). If you already have a bank account with PNC or the SFCU, you can choose to link your PennCard to that account so that it can work as an ATM card. If you don't have an account, you can learn more about these services by visiting the Banking Section of the Administrative and Financial page or the "My Banking" on Campus Express Online.