Move In Info

To ensure less density during move-in, student arrival will be staggered. Exact move-in dates for the College Houses and other University residences will be sent to students in the coming weeks. New Student Orientation will be predominantly delivered online and program content will become available Monday, August 24, with activities continuing until Monday, August 31st with Convocation held later that day.
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Moving to Penn is a major event in a student's life, and we understand that it is an event for families as well. The following pages provide helpful information about getting to campus, moving into your College House, and essential student services

Move In Dates and Times

New Student Orientation (NSO) begins Monday, August 24, 2020 for all new students.

Penn wants new students to experience a warm, enthusiastic, safe, and efficient Move In to Penn.

Students may find their assigned Move In time slot on Campus Express. We encourage new students and their families to plan to arrive within their assigned date and time, so that we can provide the best resources to make moving in go smoothly.


Many of the items you will need are available on campus at the Penn Bookstore. Also, Residential Services partners with an outside company to offer MicroFridge rentals. Refer to the Residence Policy specific to your College House for more information on bringing your own electric appliances. Click here for directions to local stores where you'll be able to pick up all the essentials for dorm life. 

When you move in, members of the College House Computing staff will be there to help you with setting up your computer and making sure you have the latest in virus and spyware protection on your computer. More information about computing can be found on the Computing page. 

Packages and Mail

Residents will frequently ship items to campus to ease the move-in task. Penn offers great options that add convenience and reduce costs for shipping to Penn. For more information, visit Residential Services to learn about how to access Penn’s PersonalShip savings, leverage Amazon@Penn benefits, and to otherwise expedite parcel pickup from move in satellite parcel trailers at the Quad/Stouffer and Hamilton Village.


If you have any further questions about the move-in process, please contact Residential Services at or visit the Move-In page.