NSO 2019 FYE Sessions


Course Code Time Title Leader(s)
PREC402001 11am-12:30pm Brave Neuro World: How Will Neuroscience Change Life in the 21st Century? Martha Farah, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Natural Sciences in the Department of Psychology
PREC408001 11am-12pm Crash Course - Russian  Maria Alley, Russian Program Coordinator
PREC401001 11am-12:30pm Current Status & Future Research of the Biopharmaceutical Industry Dr. Al Giovenella, Retired Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (Geriatrics Div)
PREC509001 11am-12:30pm From Oz to Hogwarts: The World of Children's Books and Why We Need to Live There Melissa Jensen, Lecturer - English Department
PREC404001 11am-12pm Getting Started in Research and Fellowships Dr. Ann Vernon-Grey, Associate Director - Undergraduate Research
PREC406001 12pm-1pm Getting to Know Faculty Dr. Ann Vernon-Grey, Associate Director - Undergraduate Research
PREC501001 11am-12:45pm Innovation & Entrenpreneurship at Penn: An Embarrassment of Riches Professor Jeffrey Babin, Associate Director of the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program // Associate Director of Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship
PREC503001 11am-12:30pm Intro to Urban Gardening:  The Penn Garden & AUNI Lila Bhide, Sustainability Coordinator & AUNI at the Netter Center and the manager of the Penn Garden
PREC410001 11am-12pm Introduction to College Budgeting Erick Herrera
PREC411001 11am-1pm Meet Penn in Washington Dr. Deirdre Martinez, Director of Penn in Washington
PREC405001 11am-12:30pm Pathways to Deep Decarbonization: Large Scale Data and Models for Finding Them Steven Kimbrough, Wharton Professor & Chair of the Penn Faculty Senate

PREC413001 (first time slot)

PREC413002 (second time slot)

11am-12pm and 12pm-1pm Pre-med at Penn: Getting off to a Good Start Carol Hagan
PREC506001 11am-1pm Quantum Computer and Information Science Max Mintz, Professor of CIS
PREC508001 12pm-1pm Russia Reconsidered Rudra Sil, Professor of Political Science
PREC412001 11am-12pm Sleep Quizzo Robert Smith, Health Educator - Penn Campus Health
PREC409001 11am-12:30pm Socrates on College Dr. Daniel Cheely & Dr. Ralph Rosen, Director of Collegium Institute and Lecturer in the Dept of History
PREC505001 11am-12:30pm The Palestra and Franklin Field: The Pillars of the Sports Tradition at Penn Dr. Kushol Gupta, Assistant Director of the Penn Band
PREC407001 11am-1pm Water & Urban Land Interactions in Philadelphia: The Age of Green Infrastructure Stephanie Chiorean, Senior Fellow at The Water Center at Penn
PREC403001 11am-3pm What’s an Arboretum?  A visit and walk at the Morris Arboretum Bryan Thompson-Nowak