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Penn Reading Project

Dear PRP Discussion Leaders (current and prospective):

Welcome to the Penn Reading Project! Every year since 1991, Penn's incoming first-year students have come together in small groups with faculty to discuss a selected text specifically for that class. The Penn Reading Project (PRP) is a major feature of New Student Orientation, and the first opportunity students have to interact with faculty in an intellectual discussion.

Many faculty and academic staff have joined us during this time—some for many years. We strive to provide a valuable, satisfying experience for students and leaders. I often hear from Discussion Leaders that in addition to the small group discussions with students that are a core of the program, they really enjoy the chance to meet with colleagues from other schools, who also serve in the program.

This year's selection is Cathy O'Neil's Weapons of Math Destruction, which supports the Provost's Academic Theme Year—Year of Data (2019-20).

If you are ready to sign up—and I hope you are—click the button on the right, which will take you to a form. Once filled out, you’ll get periodic updates through the summer, as well as a list of participants in your group (that will come in August). As a discussion leader, you will also receive a printed copy of Weapons of Math Destruction, delivered to an address you specify. Students will receive access to their copy of the book in July.

Thank you so much for your support of PRP!

David Fox
Director, New Student Orientation and Academic Initiatives
dfox@upenn.edu / 215.573.5636


Preceptorials are non-credit seminars led by faculty and some distinguished guest lecturers, available to Penn undergraduates in Fall and Spring semesters to supplement the curriculum. The program is designed to foster an interactive, conversational experience with no grades or tests. The goal of preceptorials is learning for learning's sake in an experience often outside the classroom.