NSOAI: PRP & Preceptorials Faculty Opportunities

Penn Reading Project

Honoring a 30-year old tradition, the Year of Civic Engagement will be introduced to our incoming first-year students through the Penn Reading Project (PRP), which will consist of four short pieces of writing, and one 30-minute film documentary, all of which will be available through Canvas:

  • James Baldwin: “My Dungeon Shook (A Letter to My Nephew)”
  • Benjamin Franklin: “Proposals Relating to the Education of Youth in Pennsylvania”
  • Martin Luther King: “The Purpose of Education”
  • Toni Morrison: “Home” (from The Source of Self-Regard)
  • Song of Parkland (directed by Amy Schatz)

Our incoming students will once again be assigned to small groups, where they will interact with each other and a Penn mentor who will serve as a group facilitator. But several factors will be new this year. Interaction will begin earlier—before students arrive on campus—and continue through the year. In addition to discussing the readings, participants will work in teams to develop and implement on-going civic engagement projects. The role of PRP / Year of Civic Engagement facilitator-mentor will be open to all members of the Penn community, including faculty, staff, and upper division undergraduate and graduate students.

For more on the Year of Civic Engagement, please visit its website.


Preceptorials are non-credit seminars led by faculty and some distinguished guest lecturers, available to Penn undergraduates in Fall and Spring semesters to supplement the curriculum. The program is designed to foster an interactive, conversational experience with no grades or tests. The goal of preceptorials is learning for learning's sake in an experience often outside the classroom.

Preceptorial registration for the 2020-2021 school year will open in the late summer.