Preceptorials are non-credit seminars led by faculty and some distinguished guest lecturers, available to Penn undergraduates in Fall and Spring semesters (and to incoming freshmen during NSO) to supplement the curriculum. The program is designed to foster an interactive, conversational experience with no grades or tests. The goal of preceptorials is learning for learning's sake in an experience often outside the classroom.

The 2018 schedule is listed below. To register, visit Penn InTouch and find the "Register for Courses" tab.

Course ID Date Time Title Leader(s)
PREC 401.001 8/25 11:30am-1pm Why should we care about campus free speech? Prof. Sigal Ben-Porath, Graduate School of Education
PREC 402.001 8/25 11:30am-1pm Brave Neuro World: How Will Neuroscience Change Life in the 21st Century? Martha Farah, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Natural Sciences in the Department of Psychology
PREC 404.001 8/25 11:30am-1pm Getting Started in Research and Fellowships Dr. Ann Vernon-Grey, Associate Director for Undergraduate Research
PREC 405.001 8/25 11:30am - 1pm Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Communities and Immigration Viraj Patel, Associate Director, PAACH
PREC 406.001 8/25 11:30am-1pm Nutrition 101 Dr. Bart De Jonghe, Associate Professor of Nursing
PREC 408.001 8/25 11:30am-1pm Crash Course Russian Maria Alley, Russian Program Coordinator
PREC 409.001 8/25 1:30pm-3pm Socrates on College Dr. Daniel Cheely, Director of Collegium Institute and Lecturer in the Department of History
PREC 410.001 8/25 1:30pm-3pm Why Diplomacy is Just Like Dating Tomoharu Nishino, Assistant Director, International Relations
PREC 411.001 8/25 1:30pm-3pm Meet Penn in Washington Faculty Dr. Deirdre Martinez, Director of Penn in Washington
PREC 412.001 8/25 1:30pm-3pm Sleep Jeopardy Robert Smith
PREC 413.001 8/25 1:30pm-3pm Pre-Med at Penn: Getting off to a Good Start Carol Hagan, Associate Director of Graduate & Professional School Advising
PREC 501.001 8/25 1:30pm-3pm Innovation & Entrenpreneurship at Penn: An Embarrassment of Riches Professor Jeffrey Babin, Associate Director of the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program and Nellie Gaynor, Associate Director of Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship
PREC 502.001 8/25 1:30pm-3pm Experimentation, Binge Drinking, and Forgotten Nights: How Alcohol Affects College Life Dr. Jennifer Chuang, Assistant Professor Of Clinical Pediatrics
PREC 503.001 8/25 1:30pm-3pm Intro to Urban Food: The Penn Garden Lila Bhide, Penn Garden Coordinator, and Hannah Sanders, Sustainability Intern
PREC 504.001 8/25 3:30pm-5pm Student Government and Event Planning @ Penn Ms. Elizabeth Goran
PREC 505.001 8/25 1:30pm-3pm The Palestra and Franklin Field: The Pillars of the Sports Tradition at Penn Kushol Gupta, Ph.D., Asst. Director, Penn Band
PREC 506.001 8/25 3:30pm-5pm Quantum Computer and Information Science Max Mintz, Professor of CIS
PREC 507.001 8/25 3:30pm-5pm FGLI Self-Care 101 Nicole Posadas, Penn First Communication Chair
PREC 508.001 8/25 3:30pm-5pm Russia Reconsidered Rudra Sil, Professor of Political Science
PREC 509.001 8/25 3:30pm-5pm From Oz to Hogwarts: The Land of KidLit and Why We Need to Live There Melissa Jensen, English Department
PREC 510.001 8/25 3:30pm-5pm Dance with Hype! Sage Orvis, Artistic Director of Penn Hype
PREC 511.001 8/25 3:30pm-5pm Mask and Wig Presents: Performing at Penn Akash Adani, NSO Outreach Coordinator of Mask and Wig
PREC 202.001 8/24 7pm-9pm PennTracks: Avenue of the Arts
PREC 204.001 8/24 7pm-9pm PennTracks: Historic Philly
PREC 205.001 8/24 7pm-9pm PennTracks: Rittenhouse Square
PREC 203.001 8/24 7pm-9pm PennTracks: Chinatown
PREC 208.001 8/24 7pm-9pm PennTracks: Italian Market
PREC 207.001 8/24 7pm-9pm PennTracks: West Philly
PREC 206.001 8/24 7pm-9pm PennTracks: South Philly
PREC 201.001 8/24 7pm-9pm PennTracks: The Gayborhood
PREC 201.002 8/31 7pm-9pm PennTracks: The Gayborhood
PREC 209.001 8/31 7pm-9pm PennTracks: The Mural Mile