PHINS Information

Peers Helping Incoming New Students (PHINS) are New Student Orientation volunteer leaders who are trained to aid incoming students with the move-in process and their adjustment to college life. PHINS serve as an excellent resource on student services, campus organizations, communication skills, student issues, and many other topics dealing with university life. Look for them wearing blue PHINS shirts during NSO to answer your questions and provide assistance.

Training Overview

After completing an application and interview process, each PHINS member attends a six-session training program during the months of March and April, and a refresher course at the beginning of next year’s NSO. During this training, PHINS learn the essentials of referral techniques. Sessions can consist of interactive lectures, role plays, and presentations on campus leaders and buildings. Training involves understanding the student helper's role and the use of verbal and non-verbal communication skills. PHINS members become familiar with the use of campus resources, as well as going through active listening and assertiveness training. As a result of their extensive training and knowledge, the PHINS will become an important asset to the Penn campus.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate possesses some of the following characteristics:

Attitude Work Style Teamwork
Positive Professional Flexible
Friendly Detail-oriented Team player
Open-minded Responsible Patient
Caring Persistent Inclusive
Motivated Punctual Cooperative
Sense of Humor Follows Directions Concern for others


PHINS are provided with staff shirts and any other materials they may need during NSO. Staff members are compensated with free early move-in, meals during NSO, and serve in a paraprofessional role that better prepares them for the “real world” experience.

Spring 2019

Selected students will also be expected to serve as hosts during Quaker Days in April.

Summer 2019

PHINS will interact with incoming students through Facebook.

Fall 2019

PHINS will be in charge of specific shifts throughout NSO. More details on how to sign up for shifts coming soon!