Registration for NSO 2018 Preceptorials and PennTracks will open in late July!

For more information on registration, visit PennInTouch.

1. To register for Preceptorials, go to Penn InTouch and search for courses listed under the code PREC. Please note that all Preceptorials occur on Saturday, August 25 between 11:00am - 6:00 pm. Preceptorials have different start/end times, so please make sure that you do not sign up for ones that occur during the same time.

2. Some Preceptorials have limited seating and you will be enrolled on a first-come first-serve basis, but you can still add/drop until the end of the registration period.

3. You cannot register for a Preceptorial once its maximum enrollment has been reached. However, check back regularly until registration officially closes, because there may be an opening if other registered students drop!

4. Prior to the Preceptorial, you will receive a FINAL confirmation email with specific details on location.

Enrolled students MUST attend the Preceptorial. A final roster of students will be given to instructors, and failure to attend may influence future Preceptorial registration.