Resources & Partners

Arts on the Walk

Learn about the various performing arts centers and galleries in the Philadelphia area, brought to you in part by:

Ballet X
Fringe 2018
Lantern Theater
Opera Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Ballet
Philadelphia Orchestra
Philadelphia Theatre Company
Walnut Street Theatre

Career Services

As the University's centralized career center, Career Services helps Penn students, alumni and post-doctoral trainees define and achieve their career goals through counseling, programs and other resources, and strengthens the ties of alumni, employers and post-graduate institutions to the University of Pennsylvania and its students.

Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships

CURF supports Penn students and alumni interested in research and fellowship opportunities through advising, information sessions, and faculty mentorship.

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual home for disciplines across the natural sciences, social sciences and the arts and humanities. It is where tradition meets innovation.

College Houses & Academic Services

For those of you learning from off-campus, fall Online/Virtual College House affiliations have been assigned. Your assignment may be different than the on-campus housing assignment you received from our partners in Residential Services earlier this summer. It is not a permanent housing or room assignment – just your online College House affiliation for programming and support this fall. It was important for us to maintain student-to-staff ratios for the number of first-year and upperclass students connecting to a College House virtual experience. Residential Services coordinates any on-campus housing processes and will continue to do so in the future. For those of you with us on campus right now, your College House assignment will be the same as your current on-campus housing assignment.

Penn Engineering

Penn Engineers play a critical role in posing and answering the questions that will improve lives and transform our world. Our students are taught to think like engineers through opportunities to approach and solve relevant challenges in new and unique ways. Our world-acclaimed faculty, state-of-the-art research laboratories and highly interdisciplinary curricula offer an experience that is unparalleled. Innovation and technology drive our every program and transform the fundamentals of what future engineers are learning. For over 150 years, engineering has been a vibrant and collaborative community of innovation at Penn.

Penn Global

Penn Global provides strategic direction for Penn’s global endeavors, with a focus on the efficient investment of university resources for global activities. Penn Global collaborates with Schools and Centers across the University and seeks to catalyze cross-school collaborations to integrate knowledge that addresses key issues. We partner with leaders from Penn and around the world to develop innovative interdisciplinary global strategies, initiatives, and programs.

Penn Libraries

The Penn Libraries has a large variety of academic and learning resources available to all Penn students, as well as an extensive online catalog.

Penn Museum

Founded in 1887, the Penn Museum has always been one of the world’s great archaeology and anthropology research museums, and the largest university museum in the United States. With roughly one million objects in our care, the Penn Museum encapsulates and illustrates the human story: who we are and where we came from.

Penn Nursing

Ranked as the best nursing school in the world, Penn Nursing advances the entire profession, from research & education to practice & policy.

Residential Services

Living on campus is an essential part of the Penn experience. The Department of Residential Services works closely with partner departments to support our residents in their academic endeavors, their personal growth, and their day to day life on campus.

Class Boards

The purpose of the four Class Boards is to provide social programming that instills a sense of class and school spirit, unity and pride, and breaks through social barriers.

Vice Provost for University Life (VPUL)

University Life is you! As Penn's foremost provider of student services and educational access, the Division of the Vice Provost for University Life (VPUL) enhances the ability of nearly 25,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students and other community participants to reach their fullest potential through diverse academic, personal, and professional development experiences in support of the Penn Compact.

The Wharton School

In 1881, American entrepreneur and industrialist Joseph Wharton established the world’s first collegiate school of business at the University of Pennsylvania. Wharton’s pioneering vision was to produce graduates who would become “pillars of the state, whether in private or in public life.” The Wharton School maintains a long tradition of educating visionary business leaders in academia, business, government, and not-for-profit organizations.