Penn Groups

34th Street

Entirely student run, they serve a thought–provoking mixture of gossip, food reviews, movie recs, student life features, humor and in–depth features. Neither all serious or all fun, they’re a place for undergrad students to learn, grow and create. Sometimes they win awards. Street is snarky, inclusive and embraces the ups and downs of the Penn experience. They are proud to live, study and play in Philadelphia and explore it wholeheartedly. Street produces a weekly print issue (out on Thursdays) and publishes daily right here.

Asian Review

Penn Asian Review is an open forum that accepts blog entry submissions pertaining to any region of Asia from any Penn student or scholarly contributor. No article represents the opinion of PAR, its editorial board, or individual members of PAR other than the author. No content in PAR represents the official position of the administration, faculty, or student body at large of the University of Pennsylvania.

Bent Button Productions

Bent Button Productions is the University of Pennsylvania's only film production group! They write, shoot, direct, edit, and sometimes act in the films to create an interactive, hands-on learning experience. All the members love entertainment, and they want to share their enthusiasm with others.

Chinese Independent Film Society

CIFS is a small group of graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in film as means to understand, express, and challenge one's immediate/ media experiences. CIFS promotes cross-cultural discussion, creativity, and cultural commons for active-minded individuals on campus.

Classless TV

In 1848 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published the Communist Manifesto and articulated their vision of a Classless society. They viewed history as a dialectical progression towards an uprising of the proletariat which ended with a collectivist workers utopia. In 2011 a group of college students put out a low budget web-based comedy called Classless. They liked to make fun of stuff, and desperately hoped that people would think they were funny.


DoubleSpeak is the University of Pennsylvania's premier foreign language translation magazine. DoubleSpeak features a wide range of student and Penn affiliate work having to do with language, culture, and translation, original translations of poetry and prose, personal or academic essays on translation, as well as experimental pieces. DoubleSpeak has previously published original translations of established authors as well as translations of original student works.

F-Word: A Collection of Feminist Voices

The Fword: A Collection of Feminist Voices is a literary journal created by and for undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania. They are a submissions-based magazine that publishes artwork, prose, poetry, and academic essays created by members of the Penn community. Join them at their weekly meetings Mondays at 9pm on the 2nd floor of Kelly Writers House to talk about feminism, gender, sexuality and beyond!

IMPACT Magazine

IMPACT is a community dedicated to creating social change, beginning on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus and reaching individuals with Penn connections all over the world. Founded in the spring of 2013 by two Penn students, we have grown from a group of social justice-minded students to a community of students making a difference through a magazine, blog, and calendar of events. Our mission is to cultivate a culture of involvement in social issues at Penn; give students the tools to become active, impactful members of their communities; and bring awareness to students, faculty, alumni, and organizations working toward equality, rights, and a positive social impact.


Odyssey is a social content platform that discovers and shares a chorus of millennial voices, amplified organically through people sharing with their friends. The platform empowers its thousands of creators to contribute and share what matters to them, and enables content to find its most relevant audience organically. Nearly 90% of Odyssey content is discovered because someone the reader knows shared it with them. Through its proprietary technology ecosystem, Odyssey is revolutionizing content creation and discovery, enabling compelling, high-quality content to be created and discovered at speed and scale.

Penn Appetit

Penn Appétit is Penn’s source for all things edible. They are the innovative, student-run food magazine at the University of Pennsylvania—and the oldest one of their kind in the country. From dorm room doughnuts to five-star foie gras, they showcase the best eats in Philly and beyond. Penn Appétit publishes one print issue each semester (also accessible here) and daily digital content. They also put on frequent food-related events for the Penn community, including the annual Penn Food Summit, a conference featuring Philly foodies, demonstrations, and discussions.

Penn Bioethics Journal

The Penn Bioethics Journal (PBJ) is the premier peer-reviewed undergraduate bioethics journal. Established in 2004, the Journal provides a venue for undergraduates to make contributions to the field of bioethics. Embracing the interdisciplinarity of bioethics, PBJ reviews and publishes original work addressing debates in medicine, technology, philosophy, public policy, law, theology, and ethics, among other disciplines. The biannual issue also features news briefs summarizing current issues and interviews with eminent figures in the field. Authors and the editorial staff alike have a unique opportunity to experience the peer-review process through the collaborative and rigorous review and preparation of the Journal. With an audience ranging from undergraduates to scholars in the field, and the broader public seeking unbiased information, the Penn Bioethics Journal occupies a unique niche in the field of bioethics.

Penn Harrison Anime Club

The Harrison Anime Club, though Harrison-affiliated, is open to all Penn students, regardless of where you live. Their purpose is to bring together people with a shared passion for anime, manga, and all sorts of fandom. Whether you know your favorite anime or simply want to explore the world of Japanese culture, come stop in!

Penn Political Review

The Penn Political Review was founded in 2003 as The Soapbox Magazine and has grown over the past 10 years to include a wide spectrum of student, faculty, and guest opinions from the University of Pennsylvania community. Their articles are chosen by a non-partisan Editorial Board that seeks incisive, provocative pieces representing the views of Penn’s diverse community. They also love political cartoons and art and have a tradition of featuring the best ones as their cover art. Their founding principle is that every student has something to say about the political and social institutions around him or her, and they are a “soapbox” for students to step onto to voice their opinions. In this spirit, they are not an academic journal, and one does not need to study political science to publish with them.

Penn Review

Penn Review is the premier mainstream literary magazine at the University of Pennsylvania. Devoted to the literary and visual arts, they meet once a week at the Kelly Writers House to discuss submissions for our semiannual publication. They publish original poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and all forms of visual art. Although they are a student-run publication, anyone can submit to Penn Review.

Penn Sustainability Review

Penn Sustainability Review (PSR) is the first and only sustainability-focused publication at the University of Pennsylvania. We are completely student-run, with online and print platforms featuring opinion editorials, leadership interviews, and academic papers on topics of sustainability, environmental activism and energy policy. Since their inception in Fall 2011, they have aimed to provide a platform to exchange knowledge, ideas, and perspectives on wide-ranging sustainability issues both in print and through campus dialogue. Through educating students and facilitating events, PSR seeks to encourage undergraduates to take ownership of environmental issues and enact meaningful change.

Penn Spectrum

The Spectrum is the inaugural publication of Penn Government and Politics Association (GPA). As a nonpartisan political publication focusing on the dynamics of different perspectives, they continue the debate with in-depth commentary and well-researched analysis of current and historical issues, both in their online community and printed issues. Aiming at representing voices across the political spectrum, The Spectrum shares GPA’s ambition to provide the best stage for balanced political discourse.

Penn Undergraduate Law Journal

Founded in 2012, the Penn Undergraduate Law Journal has grown into a significant presence on Penn's campus and a distinguished pre-law voice internationally. As one of only three undergraduate law journals in the world featured on HeinOnline, they plan to continue making their mark.

Penn UTV

Penn UTV is a coalition for all undergraduate student groups that produce video. UTV and its member groups share resources such as equipment and some funding, as well as jointly coordinate events, new member recruiting, marketing and promotion. Their goal is to make it as easy as possible for groups to get started producing video and to make these groups more visible on campus.

Publication Cooperative

The Penn Publications Cooperative (PubCo) is the University of Pennsylvania's umbrella organization for student-run publications. PubCo serves as a gatekeeper to university funding by the Student Activities Council (SAC). In order for publications to receive funding, they must first achieve PubCo recognition and remain in good standing as PubCo members. Besides granting official university-recognition, PubCo plays an important role in the Penn community. The Cooperative purchases and maintains racks throughout campus to distribute publication issues. The Annual PubCo Awards recongizes and provides cash prizes to some of the best articles, layouts, and photos that Penn’s publications have produced. Events are held throughout the year to increase readership and engagement. They also serve as a forum for Penn’s publications—to discuss common problems that arise during the process of producing a magazine and to find potential solutions.


The Social Planning and Events Committee is the branch of student government that serves as the student programming board at the University of Pennsylvania. The organization was founded in 1990 to develop, organize and produce campus-wide social and cultural events. SPEC strives to inform, entertain, and cultivate Penn's diverse population. SPEC is composed of 9 sub-committees and the Executive board which oversees the entire operation. The sub-committees are: Concerts, Connaissance, Jazz & Grooves , SPEC Film, Art Gallery, SPEC Sound, SPEC-TRUM, Special Events and Spring Fling.

SPEC Film Society

SPEC Film Society hosts free advanced screenings of upcoming movies and screens recent releases at least twice per month on campus.As a committee SPEC Film meets biweekly to discuss recent movies and to plan future events. They work with media agencies to help promote upcoming films on campus. Members of the group help run screenings, attend social events, and talk about movies together. SPEC Film also has an annual speaker series, which in the past has featured famous actors, directors and producers such as Zach Braff, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Aaron Sorkin, Michael Cera, and others. The committee members work closely with the directors to set up the event. Everyone who helps has an opportunity to attend the reception where you’ll be able to meet the speaker!

Spoon University

Spoon University is the everyday food resource for our generation, on a mission to make food make sense. On their site, you can find the simplest recipes, the most obvious hacks you can’t believe you didn’t know, and the best restaurants around campus that you haven’t found yet. For many, this is the first time we’re navigating our campuses or our kitchens on our own, and Spoon University is here to simplify and celebrate that. Behind the scenes, we’re helping teach the next generation of journalists, marketers and event planners the best practices in digital media. We empower a network of over 5,000 contributors at 150+ college campuses to write, photograph, create videos and throw events. Their program (called “Secret Sauce”) offers skills and training on how to be a leader, create incredible events and have your photos, videos and articles seen by millions. Their contributors get personalized analytics on what’s working and what’s not working, so they can learn and grow and launch into the real world ahead of the curve.


Sponsored by the Kelly Writers House and Department of Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, Symbiosis is a student-run publication dedicated to uniting visual and literary art through collaborations between student artists and writers. They believe in the mutually beneficial exchange of creative ideas across disciplines. They pair artists with writers in the hope that they can rethink their art, and rethink what it means to collaborate.


Since its inception in 2010, SYNAPSE has served as the University of Pennsylvania's only multidisciplinary student run healthcare publication. They pride themselves on maintaining a very diverse focus, and cover issues in healthcare ranging from medical research to health care economics and ethics.They recruit writers at the beginning of each semester and work with their ideas to produce peer reviewed articles at the end of the semester. As part of their ongoing commitment to healthcare education, they also collaborate with numerous student organizations to organize speaker events and seminars related to healthcare. The flagship event is their semesterly launch event, where they reveal their published issues following a keynote speech from a notable leader in healthcare.

The Little Black Book

In the spring of 2005, one wannabe writer tired of her college publication, one budding scientist expressing her creativity, and one New Englander who refused to give up her miniskirts in the dead of winter came together and founded The Little Black Book. The Little Black Book is a unique publication at the University of Pennsylvania exploring issues pertinent to the African-American community on Penn’s campus through articles, art, interviews, poems, and short stories. These pieces contend with the many facets of the African-American experience demonstrating that black Americans are not a monolithic group. Their experiences are as varied and valuable as their non-black counterparts. In past issues, topics have included the role race played in the 2008 Presidential Election, Michelle Obama’s redefinition of femininity as the first black First Lady, different performances of black masculinity in American society, and how men with traditional black masculine gender expressions can be feminists.

The Punch Bowl

The Punch Bowl was founded in 1899 by disenchanted rich Ivy Leaguers who established a tradition of excellence and scathing social satire we maintain to this day, though sadly the amount of yacht owners on staff has declined steadily since their founding. At more than a century old, the Punch Bowl has joked about everything from the DP and the Vietnam war, to Wharton and your mom. If you’re a UPenn student possessing a unique gift of some kind (wit, business skills, mutant x-gene), you could have a place on their venerable staff, so drop them a line, and see what they’re about.

The WALK Magazine

The WALK, founded in 2006, is the University of Pennsylvania's only fashion magazine and is completely student-run. was launched in 2010 as a sister to the print edition of Penn’s only fashion publication. With content updated regularly, aims to provide the Penn community with its widely-demanded fashion fix year round. In 2013, The WALK was named one of the best college fashion magazines across the country by Teen Vogue.

Wharton International Business Review

The International Business Review is a student-run print publication based at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Going beyond the scope of the American economy, IBR covers a diverse array of business trends throughout the world. They feature thought-provoking, analytical articles written by University of Pennsylvania undergraduates and interviews with international business executives and the renowned Wharton school faculty. With every issue, IBR aims to provide a global forum to exchange ideas, opinions and perspectives on economic issues, as well as to enhance communication and spark debate amongst students, faculty, alumni and the business community alike.

Under the Button is your source for immediate and relevant news, gossip and entertainment at the University of Pennsylvania. The blog grew out of 34th Street Magazine, Penn's weekly arts and culture magazine, which falls under the umbrella of The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc. the independent student newspaper of Penn. Under the Button was launched in September 2008, and they are named for a piece of modern art on the university's campus.

WQHS Radio

WQHS radio is the entirely student-run radio station at the University of Pennsylvania. They are housed at the Hollenback Center at 3000 South Street, Philadelphia PA, 19104 and broadcast exclusively online and are on air 24/7.