Theodore L. Caputi is a senior majoring in Mathematics and Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. Interested in the factors that contribute to drug and alcohol addiction since high school, Theodore is currently a White House research assistant in the Office of National Drug Control Policy where he conducts analysis of the nation’s drug prevention and treatment strategies. Theodore has published several papers in peer-reviewed journals. He is the only undergraduate researcher ever to be named a Policy Fellow at the University of Florida Drug Policy Institute. At Penn, he is the founder and president of PennDAPA, which teaches students strategies for safe alcohol consumption, and the Penn Leadership Training Institute, which engages undergraduate volunteers from Philadelphia universities to provide free, weekly leadership training classes to middle and high school students in underserved areas. A Pennsylvania native, Theodore serves on local, state, and national boards that address substance use issues, including the Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission since 2011. He has been selected to receive a George J. Mitchell Scholarship for graduate studies in Ireland.
Nastasia Efremkina is an Engineering sophmore and earlier this year secured her first patent for a firearm tracker. She was also recognized by The Huffington Post as one of this years 20 Under 20 STEAM pioneers to watch for. She came up with an idea for a microprocessor which would function as a firearm tracker. When installed in a gun, it would alert police or other security officials when an individual was attempting to transport a firearm into a prohibited area. Nastasia is also heavily involved with #BUILTBYGIRLS which works to introduce, prepare and aid young women in building careers in technology. She attends various conferences and panels across the nation to promote the organization and to reach out to other young women.