Penn Reading Project and Theme Year Suggestions

NSOAI is now accepting suggestions for Year of Data events and members of the Penn community who should be spotlighted for research and/or contributions to fields related to the theme year. Nominations are also being accepted for future academic theme years and Penn Reading Project selections (i.e. book, graphic novel, movie, visual text, etc.).

Feel free to submit multiple recommendations.

Ex: Ben Franklin
Ex: Year of Media
Ex: Citizen Kane; does not have to be related to the Theme Year suggestion.
Ex: Orson Welles
Ex: Orson Welles' Citizen Kane is a masterpiece of cinematic artistry and ingenuity, which commented on the control and manipulation of mass media, while creating a controversial media firestorm itself. Citizen Kane follows the rise and fall of Charles Foster Kane, a media magnate allegedly based on the real-world tycoon, William Randolph Hearst. With themes of power, greed, and corruption, especially as applied to the media, Citizen Kane remains relevant for its message as well as its technical production, which was groundbreaking in its use of the media to enhance the narrative.
Ex: Year of Media
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