Previous Penn Reading Project Texts

2019-20: WEAPONS OF MATH DESTRUCTION (Cathy O'Neil) -- Year of Data
2018-19: THE BRIDGE OF SAN LUIS REY (Thornton Wilder) -- Year of Why
2017-18: THE INNOVATORS (Walter Isaacson) -- Year of Innovation
2016-17: CITIZEN KANE (Orson Welles) -- Year of Media
2015-16: THE BIG SEA (Langston Hughes) -- Year of Discovery
2014-15: THE SPIRIT CATCHES YOU AND YOU FALL DOWN (Anne Fadiman) -- Year of Health
2013-14: BOOK OF RHYMES (Adam Bradley) -- Year of Sound
2012-13: DOUBT (John Patrick Shanley) -- Year of Proof
2011-12: REALITY IS BROKEN (Jane McGonigal) -- Year of Games
2010-11: THE BIG NECESSITY (Rose George) --  Year of Water
2009-10: GROSS CLINIC (Thomas Eakins' painting) -- Arts & the City
2008-09: YOUR INNER FISH (Neil Shubin) -- Year of Evolution
2007-08: THE OMNIVORE'S DILEMMA (Michael Pollan) -- Year of Food
2006-07:  FREE CULTURE (Lawrence Lessig)
2005-06:  AUTOBIOGRAPHY of Benjamin Franklin
2004-05:  THE TIPPING POINT (Malcolm Gladwell)
2003-04:  THE QUIET AMERICAN (Graham Greene)
2002-03:  THINGS FALL APART (Chinua Achebe)
2001-02:  CANDIDE (Voltaire)
2000-01:  THE METAMORPHOSIS (Franz Kafka)
1999-00:  COPENHAGEN (Michael Frayn)
1998-99:  THE WOMAN WARRIOR (Maxine Hong Kingston)
1997-98:  LINCOLN AT GETTYSBURG (Garry Wills)
1996-97:  A MOVEABLE FEAST (Ernest Hemingway)
1995-96:  ARCADIA (Tom Stoppard)
1994-95:  EINSTEIN’S DREAMS (Alan Lightman)
1993-94:  FRANKENSTEIN (Mary Shelley)
1992-93:  NARRATIVE of Frederick Douglass
1991-92:  THE BACCHAE (Euripides)